More Wisdom!


My main output is the podcast, which is available wherever podcasts exist in sullen contemplation of their relentless and inevitable devaluation. This is where I explore the myriad ways in which culture, philosophy and lived experience help us develop our own answers to The 10 Questions of Human Existence.

If you’re new, maybe start with Episode 0, which sets out the general project. Then move on to Episodes 1 to 10, where you will find an introduction to each of the 10 Questions of Human Existence.

Truth-seeking is a collaborative effort, so please call in to the podcast using Anchor to leave a voice message with your questions and perspectives.



Sometimes words just aren’t enough. Those times (very few, if I’m being honest), I add more words, and then I write them all down. Or say them into a microphone. In any event, it’s more words.  If you derive some masochistic pleasure from my verbose pontifications please consider subscribing to my Substack! And unlike all the other best things in life, it’s free! 


This is where I go to chat with other humans about philosophy, superheroes and other nonsense. I have a club there called Existential. 5,000 people think it’s pretty good. Join us!


Not really a video channel as much as an archive for my older content. If like Beyonce, the Pope and my mum, you too were a fan of my old podcast The Great Everything, this is where you can find all that good old stuff.