Wise Hypocrite

A Podcast on The 10 Questions of Human Existence

At a time of growing disconnect from ourselves each other  reality

explore The 10 Questions that connect us all


Hello. You are a human. Being a human is hard.

We have to procure food and shelter, convince other humans to sleep with us, and the parking situation is a nightmare. On top of all that, we also have to get along with a bunch of annoying strangers so we don’t end up destroying the planet. Oh, and find wisdom, meaning and all that other nonsense. It’s madness!

The good news is that our challenges today aren’t so different from those faced by every other human throughout history. From our earliest ancestors to future humanoids, we are all looking for answers to the same questions – the 10 Questions of Human Existence

Whether we know it or not, every little thing we do is our answer to one of these questions.

By exploring how humanity’s greatest minds have grappled with these questions, we can develop our own answers to life’s challenges, and begin to make sense of the bloody mayhem of existence.


Patrick Daniel

Hello again! I’m Patrick, a former banking lawyer who unwisely decided to quit my career to study philosophy. Years later, I have probably found wisdom, but my belief that I have probably means I haven’t.

My main philosophical interests lie at the intersection of information, democracy, and disagreement. I also enjoy questions on knowledge, truth and non-existence. I otherwise keep myself busy advising investment funds and investigating if cats can actually talk to ghosts.

Likes: music, donuts, Superman.

Dislikes: beetroot, poodles.