3. How Do I Know?

A podcast on The 10 Questions of Human Existence. Who am I? What's my purpose? How do I face suffering? Why does any of it matter? These questions define our lives. Lawyer-turned-philosopher Patrick Daniel gallivants through culture, philosophy, and lived experiences to find answers to the questions that connect us all. Subscribe and follow @WiseHypocrite everywhere.

The third of the 10 Questions of Human Existence is “How Do I Know”?

Knowledge is the key connector between our subjective minds and the world beyond our consciousness. Yet we constantly undervalue it, and don’t realise how rare and precious it is to actually know something. Too often, we take our certainties for granted, forgetting how easy it is to be wrong … even when we are deeply convinced that we are right. In this episode we explore the role of knowledge in holding our world together, the differences between knowing and believing, and the paradox of certainty – the worrying truth that while certainty gives us the stability we need to lead functional lives, more often than not, it leads to ruin.

Intro Music: Down the Spiral by Jon Bjōrk

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